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Mutare is a beautiful city on the eastern boarder of Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. Mutare boarders Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
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Not only is Mutare one of the most beautiful places on earth, but it also has the most kind and warmest people you will ever meet.

Oh, the wonders you'll see! Mutare is the city for the type-A tourist - filled with natural wonders.

Mutare has vast stretches of a mountaneous terrain enveloped in beautiful thick green bushes.

Mutare has the widest range of excellent resorts and facilities in Zimbabwe. These include the Nyanga mountains for excellent game viewing, scenic views, mountain climbing, hiking, horseback riding, fishing....

The Vumba mountains captivate the visitor with similar offerings, adding lush botanical gardens and world class Leopard Rock 18-hole golfing to the list. All of this and more is within less than an hour's drive for the city centre.

If you have not visited Mutare, you are missing out. Make plans to visit this place.

We promise you that you

will LOVE this jewel!

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