Mourning a Close Friend Killed in Chiadzwa Diamond Craze

I came accross the story below about a guy I know who got beaten up by the soldiers for dealing in diamonds. So sad to see this friend of mine pass away, rest in peace Maxwell:

Mutare businessman fights for life after diamond beating

By John Fenandes

MUTARE – A prominent businessman here is battling for his life after he was seriously beaten-up by soldiers suspecting he was dealing in diamonds.

Maxwell Mabota was caught by a group of soldiers after he had allegedly sneaked into the Chiadzwa diamond fields last week to buy the precious gems.

He has since been detained at a private hospital where his life is said to be in danger.

Sources close to the police said he suffered severe internal injuries which require an urgent special operation.

During the assault the soldiers are alleged to have stolen about US$11 000 and a cell phone from him. They also impounded his vehicle.

Police sources said Mabota went to Chiadzwa after he was allegedly called by soldiers who claimed they wanted to sell him diamonds.

But after successfully transacting with the group of soldiers and while on his way out of the diamond fields, Mabota was waylaid and caught by a different group of soldiers who demanded to know what a “civilian” was doing in the diamond fields.

"From there all hell broke loose as the soldiers took turns to beat him us using all sorts of objects and clenched fists and boots," a police officer who spoke on condition he was not named, said.

“They started beating him up until he fell unconscious,” said another police source. “They took him to Mutare Central Police Station where he was immediately rushed to a private hospital by his wife.”

Mabota’s wife and other close family members declined to comment.

Soldiers guarding the Chiadzwa diamond fields have gained notoriety for being brutal towards individuals they suspect to be dealing with the precious stones.

When they launched an operation to rid the fields of illegal miners and buyers they were accused by human rights groups of using heavy handed tactics.

The rights groups estimate about 106 people were killed by the soldiers during the campaign to clear Chiadzwa of illegal miners and buyers.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said the soldiers were committing “genocide”.

During the campaign several businesspeople that were believed to have been dealing in diamonds were beaten up and taken to the diamond fields to fill up gullies created by illegal miners.

They were forced to use their hands to fill up the gullies.

Hundreds of previously impoverished people have amassed wealth in excess of several hundred thousands United States Dollars during the past two years as a result of selling diamonds.

But the government has stopped all activities on the grounds it was creating “lawlessness” in Chiadzwa and surrounding areas.

What are your thoughts on this? This is unfair, too harsh, no one deserves such punishment, now the guy is gone.....we are mourning....Comment below


  1. If zanupf said don't go to Chiadzwa why did he go? us 11 000.00 is better than nothing.He was just as greedy as zanupf.As if he was sacrificing his life to help a starving orphan next door.I no longer feel pity for people who sacrifice to make themselves rich whilst the country is burning.You tell these people to sacrifice their lives by attending anti zanupf protests they tell you they fear for their lives ah ndinofira mahara.Saka afiraka madiamonds.Ndozvazvinoita vanhu vakakoshesa mari kukunda nyika.You sacrifice for diamonds and refuse to sacrifice for your country so that's it.Rest in peace.Muchasunungurwa ngemadiamonds acho.